Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hello everyone, I started a newspaper, please read :P

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My mainstream media alternative!

Hello! A lot of people are unhappy with the service that NBC, Foxnews and their ilk provide but what alternative do we have? Well, thanks to me, at least one! is an alternative to coporate controlled information; allow yourself the freedom to understand.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Child of Reason's Temporary Home And Redesign

Hello faithful readers! Temporarily this blog has been moved to (it's in my portfolio, under writing); I am going to rethink and revamp the 'child of reason' project. I will continue to use this blog as a 'latest news' about the project feature, but the blog itself can be found, as I said at

More details will follow!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

End crime and increase immigration... now that's efficiency

Hello world. Earlier today, while upstairs in my kitchen, I thought of a solution to two problems that have been plauging our nation as of late; that is the tendancy towards violent crime amongst certain members of our society and what I feel is an immigration policy that does too little.

Anyone convincted in a Canadian court of law of a serious violent crime (I'm thinking legitimate cases of armed robbery + but the details aren't too important) would be exiled. Where to? Well, they would be free to go to any country that would take them, but if they have no where to go we'll do a straight up trade, a convict for an immigrant. The convict will go to his new country with all his worldy possession (of the cash of their sale); if he has nothing, we'll provide him say... whatever the expense of holding him in jail for 6 months would be, say $50,000 (guesstimate, we can undoubtably find the real cost). If he has $25,000 we'll give him $25,000 more. The detials aren't important yet.

Instead of having criminals drainig our society with their crime and the fact that we have to spend an insane amount of money housing them in jails let's say... you don't like our societies laws, fine, you don't have to live in our society. Let's see how rapists and murderers like it when they're inducted into a third world militia and forced to eat rice five meals a day; not only do we get rid of a serious problem in our society we also give new hope for good, hard working honest people that would LOVE to live in a society like ours and follow all of it's rules.

A political impossibility you say? Well were human rights... once upon a time.

Saturday, April 7, 2007


Agreement on Internal Trade Implementation Act

This looks good from the description, although I'm pretty suspicious (why all of a sudden the need for open borders in Canada in 1996?) anyway, I'm sure I'll hate their outdaded and inefficient implementation of this program, but there's so much to hate and only so little time, I'll give this a pass.

Agricultural and Rural Development Act (ARDA)

These laws are really demonstrating to me how the power in our government breaks down, everything is authorized by these ministers.

"The Minister may, with the approval of the Governor in Council, enter into an agreement with any province providing for the undertaking jointly with the government of the province, or any agency of such a government, of
(a) projects for the more efficient use and economic development of rural lands specified in the agreement;
(b) projects for
(i) the development and conservation of water supplies for agricultural or other rural purposes, and
(ii) soil improvement and the conservation of rural lands in the province or in any area of the province specified in the agreement; or
(c) projects for the development of income and employment opportunities in rural areas specified in the agreement and the improvement of standards of living in those areas."

I wonder if I have to source laws?

a) science can certainly help in production but I think corporations and farmers are the best judge of how to farm, not the government. The government can't really help farmers farm... so where does this money go? Why are we funding it? The money could be spent directly on things that help farmers, like books on farming or a direct infusement into agricultural sciences at universities... or given back to the tax payer.

b) conservation of water is something that should absolutely fall under government scope. I don't mind this bit. Likewise looking after the land and the soil will benefit everyone.
c) This is terrible of course. The government cannot provide jobs or create jobs, aside from the jobs within the government itself. Stop TAXING THESE PEOPLE and their companies and they will have more money and more jobs; every bit helps, so stop the taxes that are responsible for these programs and give that money directly back by lowering the taxes in rural areas. Unfair? Yes, but certainly no MORE unfair than the current system and more effective. Eventually this should be stopped as well... people should be treated equally in the eyes of the government no matter where they live.

Well... this law has already lost it for me. I really don't think this bodes well for the rest of the laws... but I will soldier on.

Yes, I'm going to review all the laws in Canada

Access to Information Act :

Looks great.

Advance Payment for Crops Act :

Reeks of government intervention in the market to satisfy some upset farmers at the eventual cost of the consumer. The government should not be involved in lending money or making good on farmers loan defaults. The problem isn't that we're not growing enough food... we are, so let's stop babying farmers. Deemend likely negative: suggest look into the effects of this act on the farming economy.

Aeronautics Act :

This one deserves further study.

a) and I'm already hating it. Why should the minister be promoting Aeronatics. There's too much damn promotion going on in this country. If people need it or want it, they'll get it, don't worry about that mister.

b) why is a minister building aerodomes? Can private industry not do this? Why does he have the power to do this? What is an aerodome anyway?

c) yes, information is good, but let's get this automized and not spend millions on it please, computers CAN do all the work but don't pay millions, you can do everything with LINUX FOR FREE.

d) again with the development... stop with that. You want industry to develop, stop taxing it and using that money to "promote" it.

Anyway... this law is ridiculous already; a symptom of a government trying to do far too much and misunderstanding basic economics.

Please God, I don't ask for much

I just really want Fred Thompson to be the next President of the United States. Do I agree with his stance crucial issues? Do I really care? He's a tough hard hitting fake D.A. I've seen him hob knob with the brass and make an intimidating threat when he had too. He's been providing pithy wisdom for years and his quaint stories about his life make me feel like he's my friend.

Bottom Line? The Fred Thompson - Jack McCoy ticket has my vote... or would have my vote if I wasn't a felon. I mean Canadian... yeah that's it. I just hope he's... tough on crime.